The Sunset Plan™ ELITE

The most overlooked areas of anyone’s estate planning: your future health, care, legacy and aging.


What would happen if you had a sudden medical crisis or accident?

This elite collection is an individualized 10-week consultation program that will guide you in the completion of the most overlooked areas of your estate planning: your future health, care, aging and legacy.

All of us are susceptible to sudden illness, accident, surgery, and of course, natural aging and decline in our mobility.  

Do we have a plan for when these events occur?  What if they happen suddenly?  How will our substitute decision maker know they are making the right decisions for us?


Don't leave your family and decision makers guessing.


Working alongside a trained Estate & Personal Planning Consultant for this 10-week collection, you will work together to develop your full “what if” plan.  Having one-on-one guidance and attention will take the stress out of discussions and facilitate conversations that give you peace of mind.

You will end up with your very own complete and documented Sunset Plan roadmap that is your voice, your wishes, and your plans.


Don’t ever be left thinking “I wish I had…”, or worse, leave someone else thinking “if only they had…”.


This ten-week collection includes:

  • One 50-minute initial kick-off consultation call or meeting to understand your current situation and outline our 10-week strategy to ensure the plan is customized to meet your unique needs.
  • Five 30-60 minute weekly telephone appointments to facilitate the process and keep you moving forward.  Appointments provide guidance and consultation so that you can get quick feedback, education, and most importantly, get your questions answered. Alternating with the four get-it-done “Implementation Weeks”, appointments are tailored to the discussions, goals, concerns and questions of the client(s).
  • A beautiful and complete set of guidebooks and workbooks express post couriered straight to your home.
    • The guidebooks will assist you with straightforward education so that you feel equipped and confident in thinking through some of the decisions you or your substitute decision maker will make for your future.  You will come to experience how discussion, and having a comprehensive plan, can bring relief, peace of mind and a true feeling that your future is protected.
    • The full set of weekly workbooks include simply laid out fillable worksheets for you to document, plan, and write out your wishes as you are gently guided through thought-provoking topics for essential planning.  You will finish the five-week program with your very own complete documented health, care, legacy and aging plan, that will help you move past your fears about the future and put control back in your hands.
  • Unlimited email support throughout the duration of the program so that you can move through this process simply and have a direct line to support.
  • (Add-On Option) Private 1-year access to your very own online VIP member’s website where you can securely and easily access all the digital versions of the above resources for your own personal convenience and preference.  In addition, you will have access to *bonus* material and any updated materials that may be added or changed in the program over the course of the year.  Please enquire.       

Let's protect you and your future.


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What is the cost of NOT having a Sunset Plan™?

If you do not have a Sunset Plan™, then there are some huge costs you could incur:


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What is the experience like?

Peter and Beth Bolton, Cambridge, ON

"We were quite willing to meet with Jill to go through the resources of the Sunset Plan...But we did not expect to have our eyes opened as much as they now are!  

Her surveys and worksheets were exceptionally comprehensive and helpful to guide us about all areas of planning for our needs and desires--not just for when we are more advanced in years but also in the event of some debilitating illness or accident, which could occur at any time. If all hospital or hospice staff, and care-giving family members, could have access to these documents, it would significantly improve the quality of the experience of care at those critical times when decisions need to be made on our behalf.  It isn't only about things like life-support systems, but also in such practical matters as whether we like flannel pyjamas or dislike some flavours and textures of food to eat.  

Jill is very well-informed and professional, yet truly caring and compassionate about each individual and how people should be treated.  She was not only thinking about us, but listened attentively to our concerns about the elderly relatives we care for in our home, and gave expert advice that was very wise and comforting.  We look forward to continuing this planning process with Jill, and would urge all others to give serious consideration to what is offered through Parosol."

Sheryl Scott, Waterloo, ON

"Jill certainly got me thinking about a lot of important things. We take so much for granted, make so many assumptions, and often don’t let the “what if’s” even cross our minds.

Jill pointed out that retirement planning should be so much more than just finances. She led me through the process of deciding and defining what I would want my life to be like if I was suddenly alone and/or unable to speak for myself.

She is professional, patient, and very knowledgeable. The workbooks, once completed, are an invaluable resource for whoever becomes involved in your care later in life.  

Had my sister and I had such a thing when our Grandmother had to move to a long-term care facility, things may have been easier for everyone and certainly more comfortable for Nana.

I would highly recommend Parosol and Jill’s “sunset planning” process to anyone but particularly those who want to make their own choices and do not want burden their families with having to guess when making decisions on their behalf." 


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