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We are the RIGHT service for you if…

·      You have been procrastinating on this "what if" planning stuff, always putting it off for another day, and are finally ready to “get it done”.

·      You value your own life situation and family, and realize that this stuff can’t be avoided, so it is better to address it rather than do the more comfortable sweep it under the carpet act that you have been doing for years…

·      You are ready and open to talking with a professional who can facilitate the process and simplify it for you - making sure that you don’t forget or leave out any of the important stuff.

·      Your time is too valuable to spend trying to figure out all this stuff by doing online research, and you prefer an expert to easily guide you through it all in 1/16th of the time.

·      You have the financial means to pay upfront for our services.

·      You are over age 16.






Our service is NOT for you if…


·      You think you will live forever (a.k.a. never die).

·      You don’t care what happens to you in your retirement years or when you become old.

·      You truly believe the statement “it will never happen to me”.

·      You are still stuck in the old myth that this stuff is just for rich people. (NOT!)

·      You don’t care what happens to you if were in a sudden serious accident.

·      You don’t care what happens to you if you require emergency surgery and the outcome is unsure.

·      You are not concerned about who looks after your personal hygiene when you are unable.

·      You believe it will be better on everyone if you continue to avoid this topic.

·      You don’t care what happens to you if you get diagnosed with a serious illness.

·      You don’t care about having a say in where you live one day.

·      You don’t care about having a say in what medical treatments you receive or don’t receive.

·      You don’t care about having a say in who is to take care of you if you become ill (will you stay at home?  Nursing home?  Long term care?  Hospice?  Retirement home?).

·      You don’t care about having a say in who gets grandma’s ring, the piano, the picture over the mantle, the car, the war medals, the trophy, the family photos, and all your other belongings...

·      You truly believe you don’t have a say…so why bother anyway?!

·      You still believe this stuff is for old people or sick people [newsflash: it's not].

·      You don’t care about having a say in who makes healthcare or medical decisions for you.

·      You don’t care about minimizing the burden and stress on your family members.

·      You don’t care about having a say in what life-sustaining treatments you are given (or not given) if in a serious accident.

·      You are okay letting the government appoint someone to make decisions for you.

·      You are 100% sure, that under distress and duress, your family will remember all of your wishes and what you would have wanted.

·      You don't want to avoid family disagreements and damaged relationships.

·      You don’t care about being fed porridge for breakfast whether you really like it or not (I mean, honestly, how would they know if you liked it or not??).

·      You read this list and feel defeated and think “what’s the bother, I have no say anyway” [Hint: there is a better way].

Phew…now that we have that list out of the way…we are still here for you.


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Book a Complimentary 60-Minute Planning Session


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