Adulting = embracing adulthood and all the roles and responsibilities that go along with it.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

The Adulting Project™

Don't leave your family confused, clueless, and unprotected because you didn't have a #plan.

Imagine having peace for you and your family when hard times showed up.

Get clear on who is going to handle your affairs.
Ensure your kids and family are taken care of.
Make sure your pets will get the best care.
Remove the burden on your family.
Avoid people getting into conflict.
Make sure the right people are in charge of your most important assets.
Protect everything and everyone that is important to you.
Finally complete all the essential tasks that grown-ups need to do.

What All Is Involved In Getting My Future Planning Started?

Here's The Skinny On The 4 Areas That We Cover In This Course

Without a future plan, it's like standing in the rain with a broken umbrella.

You have put this off long enough.  

Now is your time to step up.

Protect your future and plan for the "what ifs"...

The BEST WAY to ensure that those around you know what to do on your behalf (if you suddenly aren't able to speak up for yourself) is to have a complete plan in place.


Rich or Poor?


We help you finally plan for the things that a grown-up should plan for...


The Adulting Project™ is right for you if...

  • You are done procrastinating on getting your "adulting" affairs in order.
  • You don't know all of what you need to do to truly protect you and your family.
  • You have some areas already covered but know that you are missing elements in your future life planning, OR
  • You have nothing done in terms of your future life planning
  • You want to save time, rather than hours and hours, figuring this out on your own.
  • You know that on your own you will keep putting off doing this stuff.
  • You want inside scoop on how you can complete your "estate" planning well AND affordably.
  • You have some fears that you know you need to push past (and with the right guidance you can).
  • You don't know how to start the conversation, or even what conversations to have with your family and loved ones.
  • You know that if something catastrophic were to happen to you tomorrow, you don't have your *shizzle* together and basically you or your family could be in trouble...
  • Lastly, this program is for:
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The Adulting Project™

A 60-Day Future Life Planning



This is your ONE-OF-A-KIND PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP for confidently getting your affairs in order so that you can finally have the peace of mind that you have always wanted for you, your family and pets.


No more Overwhelm!  This program guides you in what you need to do!

Peace of mind is waiting for you... 


The Adulting Project™ presents INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTS and PLANNING STEPS in a simple, understandable format, allowing you to digest what you need to do, while guiding and supporting you to finally get these matters done.

It puts future planning into a STEP-BY-STEP, ACTIONABLE, HIGHLY DETAILED, IMPLEMENTATION PLAN so that you can finally conquer this project.

  • Focuses on getting things DONE

  • Provides structure to keep you MOVING FORWARD so that you don't get stuck 

  • Gives you support and guidance so that you will SUCCEED


Here Is What You Will Create:

Your very own future life plan to cover yourself and your family in the way you would want in all four areas of legal, financial, insurance and documentation.


Valuable and meaningful tools & assets that will last for years, and hopefully generations, to come.

Finally the confidence and peace of mind that you and your family are protected for when life throws unexpected trials your way.

Wherever you are, this program will guide you in how to go from:

Screwed 😱 to Secure 😃

in 60-DAYS!

Here's What You Get when you decide to join me on this Adulting journey...

  • Personal Insider VIP Member's Portal - your own private access to the course and all the fun stuff😄
  • Access to Video Trainings, Checklists, Worksheets, Templates and Fillables to fill your brain with goodness and to keep you moving forward in your implementation.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Insider Interview Recordings With Industry Experts from various professions across the estate planning industry.
  • All the Trainings Are 100% Online
  • 6-Months Online Access to the program (so you could effectively go through the program content three times!).

    VALUE OF PROGRAM $3,185.00



1.  Group Coaching Success Calls (2 each month for 6 months!) - join other rockstars on this adulting journey too.  Learn from each other and get your questions answered directly from Jill. (Value $600.00)

+ Access To All Call Recordings, so if you miss a call you don't have to worry.

2.  Adulting Success Tracking Plans - these are your weekly action plans to keep you on track and to make sure you hit success! (Value $300.00)
3.  Private Members-Only Facebook Group - this is where you can access valuable discussion, support, and sharing with others on this adulting path. (Value $200.00)
4.  Jill's Personal Curated Hack & Resource Guide - get tips on how to save costs, find resources, helpful websites and services that can aid you in your journey. (Value $400.00)





"We did not expect to have our eyes opened as much as they now are! Her surveys and worksheets were exceptionally comprehensive and helpful to guide us about all areas of planning for our needs and desires--not just for when we are more advanced in years but also in the event of some debilitating illness or accident, which could occur at any time."

- Peter and Beth Bolton

Here's the breakdown:

The Adulting Project:  A 60-day Future Planning Implementation Program 

We'll Spend 60-Days Covering Off 4 Of The Most Important Areas Of Future Life Planning:
MODULE 1 -  Future Planning Foundations
MODULE 2 -  Documentation: Bullet-Proof Systems & Records
MODULE 3 -  Get Your Legal House In Order (Part A)
MODULE 4 -  Get Your Legal House In Order (Part B)
MODULE 5 -  Cover your ASSets & Finally Financially Savvy: the Simple Single-Page Financial Game Plan 
MODULE 6 -  Way INSUREd and Feeling Secure 
MODULE 7 -  Your Personal Effects (a.k.a. your stuff/belongings)
MODULE 8 -  Sharing Your Plans, Wrap Up & Next Steps :) 


Got family/friends?

Got kids? Got pets?

Got stuff?

You need a plan.

Enroll Now


Let's Review What You Get

When you decide to join us on this #adulting journey:


Access to The Adulting Project™ course via Personal Member's Portal
Access to Video Trainings, Checklists, Worksheets, Templates and Fillables
Insider Interview Recordings With Industry Experts
6-Month Online Access


Group Success Calls (2 each month for 6 months)

+ Access To All Call Recordings

Adulting Success Tracking Plans
Private Members-Only Facebook Group
Access to Jill's Personal Hack & Resource List



Join with other adults who are feeling true peace of mind that their "affairs" are in order.














Reach out to us at: [email protected] OR call 1.855.305.1115

Why is this so important to do NOW?

Well, since tomorrow is uncertain...

Who in the world do you want to... with your final tax returns if you disappear with your grade school art collection if you don't come home
...fill out all the insurance paperwork in order to get the payout
...file or fight for custody of your kids
...cancel your Netflix, Spotify, cellphone and Game of Thrones accounts
...figure out your banking situation in order to pay bills or empty your cash out
...decide if you would have wanted them to pull the plug or live on machines
...get all your clothes, knickknacks, furniture, artwork, music collection, bicycle, "toys", and...
...have your watch collection
...break into your laptop and make sense of all your files and junk
...manage your assets, pay off your debts, and have a party with the leftovers 
...manage your health care if you are incapable 
...speak-up for you if you can't speak
...go on a 5-Star vacation with the cash from your life insurance payout
...have your shoe collection
...manage your living Facebook account
...pick the songs for your funeral procession / celebration of life
...close all your digital social media accounts
...remember you, and honour your life...


When hard times hit you and your family,

Would you rather....

Be the person who "adulted" and planned for the future what ifs, OR the one who didn't and left their loved ones in a difficult and stressful situation.

WHO and WHAT do you want to be remembered for?

"I think you have found an area that requires a lot of attention by everyone and you are filling a niche most of us haven’t given thought to. You have a special talent to get everyone to think and act about things we don’t want to think about."

- Ian Crockford


Join others on this adulting journey.

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Why This Online Course? 

Over the 60-days we will cover 4 of the most important pillars of estate planning.
Truth be told, too many people, if left to their own devices, will never get this stuff done!  In fact, people will put off for years - even decades! 
One of the reasons is that people simply don't know the ins and outs of what all NEEDS to be done - nor do they have the guidance (and hand-holding) that is often required.
Bottomline is that you don't know what you don't know.
That's why people need guidance to know what plans to complete, what conversations to have, and even some of the insider tips and tricks to save you money in getting your affairs done well - and affordably. ;)
This is the course to help you end procrastination on these important life matters.
That's why this course is for action takers - people finally ready to roll up their sleeves and put their big pants on.
The online component lets you go at your own pace.  Fast?  Slow? No problem!  Listen on the go, in the car, or watch videos over your lunch hour at work.  Work in the modules as you wish with your life schedule.
Participate in the Group Success Calls and Facebook Group to get extra support, guidance, and your questions answered.  Learn from others on this journey too, as together we celebrate wins, and support each other through challenges. 
Learn from Jill who has coached many people successfully in how to finally get their adulting plan built and done, done, DONE!
Be given structure to keep you moving forward so NO longer will procrastination and avoidance hold you back like it would if you were trying to go this alone.
Rid yourself of the guilt feeling you have because you know deep down that you should be planning for these adult things. 
Watch your knowledge and confidence soar.
Eliminate confusion and all the years that you stayed stuck there.
Discover that the whole process was not as awful as your mind made it up to be...
...In fact...
Its kinda refreshing...
It feels good to have this done...
To know that if anything happened to you tomorrow...
Things are in order...
...Your loved ones are covered.
...You are covered.
...You can feel at peace.
Sigh.... You will finally have a plan!!

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem.  All the regular calls (2x/month) are recorded and you will have access to them via your VIP Personal Membership Portal.

This is a group online-coaching program.  If you are interested in a 1:1 service then we do offer other programs that are higher priced for clients who prefer an individual approach.  Or you can purchase individual one-on-one time, on a per hour basis.  Please send an email to [email protected] and we can discuss further to meet your needs if this is what you require.

Ironically, you may have already spent years procrastinating (or ignoring) all of this future planning stuff.

We would argue that if you could just do it on your own ---> then why haven't you already got it done???

We believe that having a teaching and "coaching" format to the program, via the Success Calls, allows for participants to get additional teaching, training, questions answered, have someone to check-in with them and encourage them to move forward.

The Success Calls are essentially open office hours.  Allowing each person to check-in and bring questions forward and to share their wins and struggles as they wish.  All calls are optional to attend, and are also recorded for those who are not in attendance.

Here's the real skinny:

Most people can't / don't / won't do it on their own and next thing they know something catastrophic happens and hindsight says "I should have done this years ago".  

Research shows that when people have a guide/coach, (someone in their corner) they are more likely to be successful.

The other thing is, most people get overwhelmed about what they need to do, and sadly most of the estate planning industry isn't outlining the next steps for people beyond the basics of their expertise.  You can spend hours online researching and figuring out everything that you need to do to get your planning done and can start spinning your wheels getting overwhelmed with all the information.

If you have an inkling that you need to do this - then make the decision TODAY to not put this stuff off any longer...

Whether you join our program or not...

Please just get your *shizzle* together and get your plans in order! :)

(cuz that's our number one priority)

Although we do offer one-on-one services, we have found that there are many benefits to the group format of the Success Calls that occur twice monthly. 

Here are some benefits:

It can be helpful to hear what kinds of questions other people ask on the call - we all learn from each other!

By sharing with others it may bring an important point forward that is also applicable to your personal situation that you had not thought of.  It can expand your learning!

Also, having others on this "adulting journey" together allows for encouragement as you work through any sticky spots and hear about other participants' wins, as they get things completed on their Tracking Plans.  You can celebrate together and spur one another along. 

Lastly, the group format helps us keep the cost lower for you the participant. :)

Whether we are single, widowed, or have no kids...

the bottomline...

if we become ill ---> someone will need to take care of us and our stuff.

if we die ---> someone will need to take care of our ending (such as death taxes) and our stuff.


To be honest, single people actually have to do some extra planning because they don't have a default spouse who can take over doing things for us, when we can't!

In summary:

Everyone needs a plan, because someone will have to deal with us and our stuff if we become ill or die.

We get it - life happens.

That is why when you enrol in the program you will have six-months access.  Effectively that means you have 6 months to go through the content - the equivalent of going through it 3 times!  

Plus, all the calls will be recorded so if you miss a few weeks, or worse case, a month or more, you can jump back in and get caught up.

If it helps, we have had people who have been temporarily staying with and/or caring for a loved one, and they found it helpful to still work through the program via their laptop or iPad, and they found it as a bit of a distraction (yes, ironic possibly).  This way they could still watch the videos or listen to the audios to keep them moving forward.

Whatever your circumstance we understand that life happens and that is why you will have 6-months of access.

During the program please do not hesitate to reach out to us also to discuss your personal situation.

Hey, we get it.  This can be a lot to take in.

But we want to ask you...

If you wait to plan these things, what will be different 6 months from now, or one or two years from now?  Will you still be avoiding this topic and putting these important matters off "for a better day"??  

Reality Check: there is never a perfect time to "get your affairs in order" and sadly, after a car accident, medical crisis or other emergency is too late!

If you are still on the fence, we are more than happy to talk further with you.  You can book a complimentary 20-minute call with Jill to chat more about your current situation and see if this program is right for you. :)

Book a complimentary session HERE.

During the Legal and Health Modules, you will be prepped and prepared for some things you need to think about in preparing your will, such as:  

  • How to choose the right people for your Power of Attorney(s), Executors, Guardians for your children, pets, and more!  
  • How to distribute your "stuff" and decide who gets what
  • Gifts and choosing beneficiaries
  • Your health care wishes
  • and so much more...

These things will help you to prepare for meeting with a lawyer (at your own expense) in your own town/city, or working with someone online, or through a provider that Jill can recommend to you while in the program.

Each state and province has rules around writing or preparing your own will - something that Jill does not recommend.  

There ARE affordable alternatives to expensive lawyers.  Jill explores alternatives inside the program. 

*Note: Please also see the response to the question "I don't even have a basic will.  Will we be writing our own?"

This program is meant to guide you in the implementation of getting your adulting affairs done, which may include additional costs.  

Additional costs for you and your situation are unknown at this time.  In the program you will learn from Jill who has some great tools, resources and industry hacks on how you can get all this stuff done AFFORDABLY but also in HIGH QUALITY.  Jill will share a number of insider tips on how you can *SAVE* money on doing this stuff!  It's cheaper than you think!!  

Here are some examples of costs you may decide that you need outside of the program:

  • the cost of working with a lawyer to get a will or other legal documents
  • the cost of adding insurance, if you feel that these are services you want or need.
  • the cost of working with a credit coach or counsellor to improve your credit 
  • or other services that you decide would be beneficial to protect you and/or your family

Take for example insurance.  You, as a consumer, have the decision to either buy insurance or not buy insurance - the choice is yours (BTW, Jill doesn't sell this).  This goes for other services that you may decide you want or don't want after going through this program.

Bottomline: any additional costs you might occur, are completely optional, and are for YOU to determine as you go through the program. :)

PLEASE NOTE:  Jill and Parosol Inc. do not sell any insurance, investment, financial, or credit products.



you just mentioned "estate planning"... is that what this is all about?
yes sweetheart - in case you didn't know...
Future life planning includes "estate planning", although most people think estate planning is just about having a basic Will or some sort of financial plan...there is SO MUCH more to it... but don't worry, that's what this course is for!
....but I don't have an "estate" - I only rent a small studio apartment and have second-hand furniture!
....yes but you have a bank account don't you?  You file your taxes annually right? And you have clothes in your closet right?  And what about that Apple Watch around your wrist? 
....well if something happens to you....someone needs to figure out who has authority to make decisions for you, who gets your "stuff", and so much more.
...because if you don't have an "estate plan"...
then you are leaving the government to decide all this stuff for you...
...and perhaps leaving your family weeping because your children were ushered into the hands of the wrong family member and the government didn't divide your assets in a fair manner...
...and perhaps your family now have to petition the courts...
...and months or even years of delay in sorting this stuff out...
...not to mention the emotions, stress, and financial strain that is put on people... would you just sign-up already?
Gosh! ;)

Meet Jill

Jill Sadler is the Founder of Parosol Inc., a company that helps adults of all ages get their adulting (a.k.a. future planning) DONE.  A former Director of a Hospice, Jill witnessed countless families who were not prepared for illness and sudden death.  Jill determined there was a better way and set out on her mission.

Jill helps people END procrastination and avoidance and replace it with peace of mind and confidence knowing that they have a comprehensive estate plan that leaves nothing out!  

Jill has an Honours Undergraduate degree in Health Administration, a Master's degree in Business + two additional college diplomas, and her designation as a Certified Executor Advisor.  

Jill helps prevent estate and family disasters for individuals and families across Canada and United States by helping them get their personal affairs in order so that they are protected when life doesn't go just as we thought it would.


"Working with Jill at Parosol, has been a positive, educational and supportive process. I have had the opportunity to make educated future decisions that are meaningful, empowering, and real. Jill has taught me that it is never too early to plan for your future."

- Heather Rusiniak

Refund Policy

We have done everything we can to provide you guidance to get your future planning done in the most simplest and direct way.  

We know that it works but can understand if you are on the fence.  So we want you to know that when you join the program, and if you do not find value in it after your first 14 days (2 weeks) in the 60-day program, then we will refund 100% of your money back.  But there is a condition...

Because we are so confident that you will get immense value when you do the work, in order to be eligible for the refund, you must show us that you have done the work!  Yes, that means that you must show us that you have gone through all the videos, completed the worksheets/fillable/templates/checklists, etc. and that you have completed the action items as outlined in your first Success Tracking Plan.

So follow the weekly plan and realize just how awesome it is to help you move the needle in getting your adulting planning done.  And if you don't think that you received immense value from it, then just show us that you have done the work and we will refund your money within the first 14 days from your enrolment date.

And honestly, we think you are going to love the program!


Join others on this adulting journey.

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DISCLAIMER:  Why are you staring?!  Of course there is a disclaimer at the bottom of this page!
The information provided is never intended to replace the sound advice of a team of estate planning professionals. Always seek out your own independent advice with professionals in the industry, to discuss your own personal situation. We do not know all the circumstances to your unique situation, nor can we predict any future, illness, accident, estate litigation, family disputes, financial hardship, or any other legal/financial/health issue, and we make no claims to what you should or should not do for your own unique estate planning situation. Our service is for informational and educational purposes only and is only available in the countries of Canada and the United States of America. We encourage all our humans (clients/customers) to seek out trusted professionals who can assist and advise them in their own unique personal situation as they move forward. The point of all of this is to wake you up and provide you information and education about topics that the average person doesn't want to talk about and to nudge you and guide you forward to address these areas.  We truly and ultimately wish for you to actually get your estate planning done and in order to do so you will need to seek out professionals to assist you along the way. So stop reading and start planning. You aren't getting any younger!  Your clock is ticking, now move it! 

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